Hope Alive Radio operates as an outreach ministry of Wandering Sheep Productions and of HCJB Global NZ Trust.  Our Goal is to spread the love of Jesus Christ and to grow committed disciples around the world.  Donations go to support this ministry, its broadcasts and productions.

We are a donor supported ministry.

If you would like to give to us financially,
you may do so online or by making an electronic transfer
into our bank account:
(ASB Account#12-3453-0045811-00) or by sending a
cheque payable to “HCJB Global (NZ) Trust
to HCJB, PO Box 97610,
Manukau, 2241, New Zealand.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  May God pour out His blessings on you.



HCJB Global NZ Trust is the home of the Internet Outreach Centre and Wandering Sheep Productions (WSP). WSP is an evangelistic ministry that seeks to engage the digital generation through entertaining and thought provoking content. Our emphasis is on creating interactive and relationship based tools for sharing the Gospel and growing committed followers.